Our Company was founded in Kaliningrad in 2008 as a professional translation agency.

In 2011, due to the expansion of our professional activity, we conducted a rebranding campaign and today position ourselves as a multifunctional business and cultural center.

We provide our clients with a professional partnership in the spheres of trans-national communications and teaching of conversational skills in several languages.

We specialize in Russian-Italian relations, and through our own resources organize cultural, educational and business projects aimed at connecting these two countries and cultures.

Our interpreters, translators, teaching staff and consultants are highly skilled specialists who are tested by our company before they are engaged by us in an official capacity.

The quality of our services is assured the superior training and experience of our employees and partners, as well as our sophisticated technological infrastructure, which allows our agency to process data of different degrees of complexity.

The Company’s principle of operation is a solution that addresses all the issues raised by a client regarding the list of our services. Your wishes determine the scope of our activities, and we are responsible for the quality and timeliness of the services.

To make an order or obtain professional consultation, you can contact us by e-mail, fax, or telephone.

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